Proud to announce the launch of MarketsCombined

I have been using stock market and crypto price and news sites and apps for some time and the pain is just unbearable. The amount of information and the ads on such sites are overwhelming and quite frankly ridiculous. So I decided to do something about it and started to create a platform which is not only better but open and bullshit free.

Here comes the MarketsCombined! currently MarketsCombined supports stock market and cryptocurrency comparison for over 40,000 assets aggregated from various API providers around the world.

The goal ahead is not the easy one but definitely doable. No matter what, I just don't wanna use the confusing sites anymore. I am hoping others will find MarketsCombined useful as well, and I will be grateful for any feedback or suggestions you may have. We will continue to improve.

There is no end goal but we will do everything to make MarketsCombined the go to platform for Stock market and cryptocurrency comparison and news.

Ahh by the way, MarketsCombined is the only site in the world (at least today) where you can do inter asset comparison between stocks with cryptocurrencies.

Stock market, cryptocurrency, forex and metals comparison screen
Stock Market, Cryptocurrency, Forex and Precious metals comparison and live news

Please give it a go and let us know via Twitter if you like it or what we can improve.

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