Making of IPster, a peer to peer job notifications app

What's the common theme among job search engines? no empathy for the person looking for the job.

As a maker I know I have all the tools I need to at least try to make something which can help us find job opportunities without always relying on third party.

Why not a network of real people helping each other? If I know a job I tell my network proactively. And if I am looking for a job I ask my network for help.

After speaking with some of my friends and colleagues, I think (or atleast they were nice enough to make me feel that way) there is a need for such a network.

I had a choice to make;

  • I have done my work, asked some friends, we all agree so I can now stop thinking about it,
  • or think of it more and see what happens,
  • or just make it happen.

Well, I chose the pain, but if it help someone, even one person, its worth it.

For the last 4 weeks I have been working on IPster, a peer to peer job notifications app. Its currently only available as a web-app but soon I will have iOS and Android app ready.

IPster takes its inspiration from the best of social media, messaging and email. Build your network on your terms, have full control on what you share and with whom. It's simple, secured and powerful.

IPster is a place where you can help your peers find opportunities first-hand.
Jobs & Beers | Peer Notifications
IPster is a peer to peer job notifications app. Cut the middle person; help your peers find opportunities they might not find otherwise.

It's only a start. This might be a small project but it has my soul. It's fully funded and it's here to stay.

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