How to get Geolocation from IP Address

I have been using ipapi for some time now and thought to share how easy it is to use their REST api. You can get a detailed geolocation data for any IP address with a single call.

It's a paid service with a generous free tier which will give you up to 30,000 requests a month. 30k a month is probably enough for tests and small projects.

Try it out

IP Address Geolocation Search
A simple IP location tool to get the detailed geo location data.

How to use it in a browser

let url = '' + ipAddress + '/json/';
.then(data=>{return data.json()})
.then(res=>{console.log(JSON.stringify(res, undefined, 2))})         

How to use it on a command line


   "city":"Mountain View",
   "country_name":"United States",
   "org":"Google LLC"
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